Welcome to Scalastic.io, Your DevOps Guide!
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Hello everyone! I’m Jean-Jerome LEVY, seasoned professional in the field of IT, with over 20 years of experience in major corporate IT departments. Based in Paris, France, as an independent consultant, I’m passionate about the rapid evolution of technology. I’ve created Scalastic, the showcase of the eponymous company, dedicated to DevOps technologies. Listed in the “Awesome French DevOps” collection, this site aims to contribute, enriching our collective knowledge and strengthening the vitality of this community.

My diverse expertise has allowed me to play a key role in a myriad of projects, from developing Internet applications and Artificial Intelligence to steering complex infrastructures and implementing innovative DevOps practices.

My Services

With my holistic view of IT projects, I’ve realized that DevOps is much more than a mere development and deployment methodology. It’s a culture, an approach that fundamentally transforms how teams work together to deliver products and services of quality faster and more efficiently.

As a passionate freelance DevOps professional, I offer a comprehensive range of services to support your company throughout its DevOps transformation:

  • DevOps Guidance

    I provide personalized guidance in your DevOps transformation journey. Whether you’re in the initiation or consolidation phase, I commit to offering technical and methodological support to ensure the success of your transition.

  • Training in Key Technologies

    Mastery of DevOps tools is crucial. I offer in-depth training sessions on key technologies such as Jenkins, GitLab-CI, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, and more. This equips you to maximize the efficiency of your Toolchain.

  • Custom Tool Development

    To meet specific needs, I propose the development of innovative internal tools. My experience includes creating tools that automate the multi-platform CI/CD process, simplifying pipeline configuration, and optimizing overall performance.

  • Analysis and Optimization of CI/CD Pipelines

    A robust infrastructure is crucial for the success of your CI/CD pipeline. I work closely with your teams to analyze needs, identify bottlenecks, and propose improvements to optimize the performance and reliability of your pipelines.

  • Implementation of DevOps Best Practices

    I guide you in adopting DevOps best practices, such as Git workflows, continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated testing, and quality and security analyses. The goal is to ensure faster, higher-quality, and reliable software delivery.

  • Active Participation and Collaboration

    As an active member of your team, I participate in Agile ceremonies, team meetings, code reviews, retrospective sessions , encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement.

With my services, I commit to being your trusted partner in achieving your DevOps goals. Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can contribute to your success.

Why Trust Me

As a freelance DevOps professional, I offer my expertise in the ever-evolving field of DevOps. Providing my skills to companies seeking a smooth and successful transformation, I am determined to bring substantial added value to your DevOps journey.

My trust as a DevOps guide is based on a diverse professional trajectory, during which my unique experience can be a valuable asset to your DevOps project:

  • Beginnings as a Java Expert

My role as a Java consultant was marked by my ability to integrate R&D teams and contribute to the development and evolution of in-house frameworks. This experience greatly enriched my understanding of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), which, as a precursor, laid the foundation for the microservices architectures prevalent in today’s Cloud. It also strengthened my technical skills to design robust and high-quality solutions.

Today, my interest lies in cutting-edge areas such as GraalVM and native Java code compilation. This orientation is particularly relevant in the context of the Cloud, where efficiency and performance are crucial.

  • First Encounter with DevOps

As a Technical Architect, I led the implementation of a Software Forge and Automated Builds platform, based on Hudson, the precursor to Jenkins. This initiative enhanced my expertise, demonstrating my commitment to DevOps practices since its inception and my mastery of associated tools.

  • Soaring with Software Infrastructure and Open Source

During my tenure as an Open Source technical expert, I left my mark by designing innovative solutions. The installation of key technical components was at the heart of my achievements, with in-depth expertise in technologies such as Linux, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Symfony, Redis, MongoDB, as well as monitoring tools like Logstash and Elasticsearch.

I successfully led the steering of the infrastructure, orchestrating the implementation of an in-house CMS based on open-source technologies. This initiative involved designing a robust architecture, installing essential components, and meticulous configuration to ensure high availability performance and optimal security.

This experience shaped my understanding of the nuances of software architecture in an open-source environment, enhancing my ability to create sustainable and high-performance solutions. These skills continue to infuse my practice as a DevOps professional, where mastery of technical components is crucial for project success.

In Conclusion

My professional journey is rooted in practice and constant evolution. My skills in Java development, software architecture, and DevOps practices form an integrated set that allows me to expertly guide you in your DevOps journey.

But my passion for DevOps goes beyond mere technical expertise. As a professional who has witnessed the evolution of the IT landscape over the years, I understand the challenges faced by teams and businesses. My goal is to provide you with practical insights and concrete advice to help you navigate successfully in your DevOps transformation.

Contact me to explore the exciting world of DevOps together. I’m available to discuss your upcoming challenges and missions in the field. Together, let’s shape the future of software delivery!